So, you’ve probably heard of this crazy thing called Affiliate Summit before, but maybe you haven’t gone. Great, neither have I.

As far as I know, it’s a huge gathering of internet nerds that like to talk about marketing both offline and online. There’s also supposed to be a huge expo floor where all the companies entice you to sell their products using pretty much any method you can. Like I said, I’ve never actually been to one of these meetings before but I have been to conferences.

I’ve heard that some of them have crazy parties, with all sorts of wild girls and abundant debauchery. I am not sure about the New York one, but I know they like to party so it should be fun times. What I am most looking forward to is actually meeting some of the people I’ve been talking with online or over the telephone for almost year now.

I don’t intend to hit too many of the talks, but there are a few that I would be interested in seeing. I always enjoy the floor and meeting all the businesses, and getting the free stuff they pass out, even pens, I love them!

I think there will be some useful knowledge for both newbies, and veterans in the scene. If it’s anything like the previous Affiliate Summit’s I’ve heard about, there will be no shortage of networking opportunities, business ideas and other interesting opportunities.