There has been lots of recent talk about getting app_cepstral to work with Asterisk 1.4 on the users mailing list. I decided it was time for me to get it working again, and I found that app_cepstral is now depreciated in favour of app_swift. Which actually works out of the box with Asterisk 1.4. Continue reading for the howto!’,0,0,‘1. First, I downloaded Cepstral (8Khz Telephone Version)

# wget
  1. Then, I untarred the file into a new directory

     # mkdir /opt/asterisk-other# mv /root/Cepstral_David-8kHz_i386-linux_4.1.4.tar.gz /opt/asterisk-other# cd /opt/asterisk-other# tar xzvf Cepstral_David-8kHz_i386-linux_4.1.4.tar.gz# cd Cepstral_David-8kHz_i386-linux_4.1.4
  2. Now, we’ll install Cepstral per it’s installer

     # ./
     <agree to license terms>
     <default path = /opt/swift>
  3. Since we are running gentoo, adding /opt/swift/lib to /etc/ isn’t enough, we must also add it to another file to make sure it stays upon reboot:

     # echo "/opt/swift/lib" >> /etc/
     # nano /etc/env.d/00basic
     change LDPATH="/usr/local/lib"
     # ldconfig -v
  4. Now, instead of using app_cepstral, lets try App_swift instead

     # cd /opt/asterisk-other
     # wget
     # tar xzvf app_swift-0.9.1.tar.gz
  5. Now, we must compile App_Swift

     # cd /opt/asterisk-other/app_swift-0.9.1# make && make install
  6. Now you should have app_swift in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules, and swift.conf in /etc/asterisk8. Now, stop asterisk, and start it in debugging mode to ensure all is well

     # /etc/init.d/asterisk stop 
     # asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvgc 
     >> show application swift
  7. You should see some output from the application on the Asterisk Cli. If you did, success! Otherwisego and try these steps again. 10. Now, in order to test this out, add something like this to your dialplan, and restart asterisk

     exten => 8282,1,Wait(2) ; give it 2 seconds to open the lineexten => 8282,2,Swift(Yay we have cepstral working with asterisk)
  8. Remember that Cepstral isn’t free, if you’d like to get rid of the annoying license message, then go buy a key from cepstral, and register your product.

    # swift –register
  9. That’s it!