There’s a small change in Asterisk 1.6.0-beta7’s dsp.c. In order to compile chan_mobile you will have to do this.

  1. enter your asterisk-addons directory

     # cd asterisk-addons-1.6.0-beta2
  2. enter the channels directory

     # cd channels
  3. edit the chan_mobile.c

     # nano chan_mobile.c
  4. Go to line 2000 and 2001

they look like this

    ast_dsp_set_features(pvt->dsp, DSP_FEATURE_DTMF_DETECT);  
    ast_dsp_digitmode(pvt->dsp, DSP_DIGITMODE_DTMF | DSP_DIGITMODE_RELAXDTMF);

change them to look like this

    ast_dsp_set_features(pvt->dsp, DSP_FEATURE_DIGIT_DETECT);  
    ast_dsp_set_digitmode(pvt->dsp, DSP_DIGITMODE_DTMF | DSP_DIGITMODE_RELAXDTMF);

now chan mobile will compile and run properly when you start asterisk.