Just arrived back home from the cottage. It was a beautiful winter weekend this time around. No snow fell, so the roads were nice and the temperature was just below freezing. It’s almost like spring is in the air (heh, wishful thinking I bet). We didn’t do too much up at the cottage, made dinner with my mom, watched some tv, talked, and watched a few movies. It’s really nice having a place we can go to escape the city and just hang out and not have any worries. It’s similar to being a kid again, except for the fact that we know “things are still going on” in the back of our heads.

I didn’t take any pictures this time around, otherwise I would be posting them here for you kids to enjoy. Next time I jaunt up to the cottage I’ll try and get some photographs to show people what it’s like up there in the winter. If you want to see some summer photos, check out my flickr page

That’s it for now..