For the past day or two we’ve been talking to a few internet copywriter friends about their business. It became apparent to us that they could use a little calculator to aide them in quoting clients and prospects. Of course, anyone can use the regular calculator in every OS to create these types of quotes but sometimes it’s nicer to have something generate one specific to the industry. So, with that said we now introduce you to The Content Calculator.

This little application will do a couple things for all you content creators out there. It lets you enter your clients name, email address, company name and country, then enter a customizable amount of content options you’re providing to them. The whole time you’re creating a quote, the application will update the individual prices and total price in real time so you can give accurate quotes while talking to that prospective client on msn or over the telephone.

But wait, there’s more to this application. It will also spit out the quoted information to a text file so you can email it to the client, or save it for your records. Wow!

I bet you think we’d charge you for this. Nope, instead we’re releasing it as donation-ware. If you like it, send us a couple bucks. That’s it, no sales pressure, no nothing, just giving back to the community and hoping others can use this to generate a few bucks. Karma’s a good thing right?

So, down to the technical specifications of the application and what you’ll need to run it successfully. We’re providing you with a ready to run executable (spyware, adware free) for Windows systems with .NET 2.0 capability (XP, Vista, 2K, 2K3, Etc). If you are running MAC or Linux you can download the source files we’ll link to later and try and compile it with Mono. It should work just fine since it’s developed with .NET 2.0 in mind.

Quick Requirements List:

  • A computer
  • Windows OS (Vista, XP, 2K, Etc)
  • .NET 2.0 Capability


Content Calculator Main Window

Content Calculator Popup Window on Save

Content Calculator Generated Text File Quote

Content Calculator Generated Text File and Executable


  1. Content Calculator – Compiled for Windows 32 and 64
  2. Content Calculator – .NET 2.0 C# Source Code

Instructions to run Content Calculator:

  1. Download Release Zip File
  2. Unzip to a directory of your choice
  3. Double Click the Executable File
  4. Fill out Client Information and Quote Information
  5. Press the Save Quote button to save the quote for later emailing, etc
  6. Send us a donation knowing we just saved you a bunch of time

If you like this application, and it does help you drive your business then please consider donating to us which can be done through the application window.