This is rather interesting, it looks like one of the Canadian Governments web site, a place called “The Red Planet” has left blog posting open, and got pwned.

According to the Ottawa Citizen article that we were sent, someone logged into the Red Planet web site, which is usually geared towards getting children interested in colonizing mars, and started posting affiliate ads to the site for sexy adult lingerie and sex toys. One ad even featured a graphic image of a blue sex toy.

Anyway, why are we posting about this? Simple, these are the people that give real Internet Marketers a bad name. If they’re going to post to a KIDS site, about ADULT ENTERTAINMENT how many sales do you think they’ll see? Almost certainly none. Even if this was a scripted posting, doesn’t matter, take the friggin site out of your list.

The Red Planet claims “hackers” have done this, but I really doubt that. That’s just a stupid story to cover their asses for the media. What really happened is they left blog posting on, and anybody and their mom could login and post anything they want. So, they got spammed with some Lingerie ads. No hacking here ladies and gentlemen, just really bad systems administration. Typical of the Canadian Government of late.

The article goes on to mention that as of late Wednesday night, they were still able to login and post an anonymous posting within minutes. Way to stop those “hackers” Mr. Government.

Here’s the article from the Ottawa Citizen if you’re interested to read it.

What do you think about kids trying to make a quick buck with this method? Yay or Nay?