We recently came across this site called SEO Traffic Guide. They are offering an interesting keyword tool for optimizing your online advertising campaigns with Do-Follow. We all know about Do-Follow and how integral it is for anyone interested in Link Building for their web site. Well, we were all new at some point, so maybe some of our readers don’t know. We’ll explain.

Do-Follow is an option that web masters can enable on their web sites or blogs to let users commenting on their blogs market their sites. So, what’s the technical difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow? Well, lets get one thing straight right away – there is no actual “Do-Follow” this is implied. There is however a “NoFollow” tag and here’s how it works.

When you post a comment to a blog that’s in your niche, if they have regular link structures (they have Do-Follow enabled) then when search engines crawl their site, they will also see your site via the linked URLS in the comment posts. The more you comment on blogs or web sites in your niche the better because they will generate link-backs, and in-turn traffic from Google and other search engines to your web site. Ultimately helping you make money from home!

Now, on the flip side if we are posting to sites with “NoFollow” enabled in their URLS, then search engines will not be able to see your site in the comments, thuss neglecting you and not helping you make an income while you sleep.

Sounds pretty complicated and like a lot of work to find all those Do-Follow blogs and websites out there eh? Especially with over a billion pages showing as indexed at Google these days.

Not to worry, enter the fantastic Do-Follow Keywordluv tool from SEO Traffic Guide. This site takes all the hard work out of it for you by sending you a simple database based on your sites optimized keywords right to your inbox.

Give it a try, don’t be shy. We did, and got a great list of sites that we can use.

Remember, only comment to blogs that are relevant to your niche, otherwise your dream of making easy money online will not come true!