The other day you may have read my post about creating a tool to easily replace all our affiliate links across multiple sites with one easy to use database. While this program does rock your socks off, it didn’t have a GUI so it was a little more difficult for people to use.

But that’s okay.

I’ve created a backend for the application that works using Flexigrid and Jquery to provide a super easy way to update your database from a backend, and flip out your links instantly.

This tool is great if you don’t have P202 or want to run something of that nature for smaller campaigns, or for links you don’t want in P202 for whatever reason.

It suits most of my needs just fine, although one day I would like to add some click tracking to it, and maybe even some geoip stuff, but for now it’s pretty great in addition to P202 and Open-X.

what can it do

This application will let you do a few things. As explained in the previous article, you can go through and add the links script to any of your sites, and then call any link you want from database making it super easy to replace links across all sites. This interface will let you do a bit more;

You can add new records from the interface, for any network or link you want to add.

You can also edit, or save as a new copy on all items.

So for example say you had an offer that was the same but you just needed to switch out subids for finer tracking, you can just save your existing entry as a copy and edit the link as required. Pretty easy eh?

notes about the app

  • You can only edit one row at a time, if you have two selected the edit window will not work.
  • There’s not really any validation on the fields, but there is injection protection.

how to install

  1. Follow the previous tutorial to get the link manager working first.
  2. Download the Affiliate Link Manager GUI zip file
  3. Unzip it.
  4. Open up worker.php and change your database configuration lines to the one you setup earlier in the link manager how-to.
  5. Open up opendb.php and change the same database configuration options.
  6. Upload all files to your web server and hit it from the web like

security considerations //

So there you have it. A nice little way to manage your affiliate links throughout your sites. I’m already using it across a bunch of them to update some of the static links I have, or bought footer links and it’s working out great. Super fast and easy way to change all my links from one interface, and have everything default to a relevant niche all the way down.

Let me know what you think in the comments if you decide to test it out, if you have any features you want added let me know and maybe I’ll add them.