Found this tool the other day called Kish Multi-WP. What it does is let you manage multiple blogs through one main site.

So, lets say you have a network of say 20 wordpress installations, and one master blog, you can install this plugin on the master blog and then just add all your other 20 URL’s, usernames and passwords and then manage them all from the master blog admin panel.

Here’s what it’ll let you manage, straight from the WordPress Plugin Repo.

  1. View, pending comments, posts
  2. Moderate comments, reply to comments, delete comments
  3. View posts, edit posts, delete posts
  4. Add new posts, search posts
  5. Simple installation
  6. This plugin needs to be installed only on one blog
  7. Cross Posting Options
  8. Reply to comments
  9. Email Comment authors directly
  10. Get related posts from all the connected blogs

It’s fucking rad. Now instead of logging in to 40+ places, I’m logging in to 1, and managing all my comments, pingbacks, and posts from one place.

Uber time saver if you’re still managing your blogs by hand like I am.

I haven’t fully loaded it up yet, so I can’t tell you about performance with more than 15 or so sites, but I assume it won’t get too bad.

All I’ve heard of to do this is WPManagerDX, which seems to require cpanel (what?), so this is much cooler.

And no, we’re not affiliated with Kishore, but he sure has made an interesting plugin.

Do you know of any other similar plugins? I’d like to know about them in the comments if so.