In the race to victory in the online and offline marketing worlds, the winners are typically those that can gather the most prospects and leads, and successfully market to them. With the challenge being reaching prospective customers – how do you leverage the Internet to help do the work for you?

Enter Guide Site Builder – the new software package designed to quickly and easily generate an unlimited amount of “guide” websites – websites that host some sort of data like an e-book, recipe list, or other marketing collateral, that the user must input their contact information to receive.

Guide Site Builder takes the chore of creating fast, compelling websites with your branding and downloadable document and makes it a lightning fast, easily accomplished task that a user with any level of experience can handle.

Perhaps you’re a realtor that wants to collect user contact information when users download the weekly new market listings, or maybe you’re an author that wants to collect users’ contact information when they download the “sneak peek” chapter from your latest book. Whatever your marketing purpose, Guide Site Builder will allow you to generate a website where you can collect this user data at lightning speed.

Some of the key features of Guide Site Builder:

  • Extremely Easy to Install and Use – Gone are the days of needing a computer science degree to quickly create a website. Guide Site Builder is designed with the beginner in mind; with virtually no learning curve and very little understanding of graphic and web technology required, Guide Site Builder assists you with getting a guide site built quickly so you can focus on marketing to your new leads and prospects.
  • Industry-Standard CSV Databases – To ensure that you are able to easily use the prospect data that is collected via your guide site, Guide Site Builder places data in the comma-separated values format. You can then import this database into any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, iWork Numbers, etc.), online email marketing provider (AWeber, ExactTarget, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.) or mail merge software (Microsoft Word, etc.) to further market your products and services to your collected database.
  • A Variety of Templates – Guide Site Builder comes pre-installed with different templates in various colors to assist with customizing the look and feel of the websites created by Guide Site Builder. You can also make use of your own CSS styling to further customize your guide sites.
  • “Out-of-the-Box” SEO – Websites created by Guide Site Builder feature search engine optimization configurations built-in, saving additional time and ensuring that your guide sites get ranked in the main search engines.
  • Fully Standards-Compliant – Websites created by Guide Site Builder are fully compliant with XHTML Transitional and CSS standards.
  • International Language Support – Guide Site Builder features international language support, ensuring that the guide sites you create in any language will properly render in the web browsers of your target users.

For more information, a demonstration, screenshots and more, please visit the Guide Site Builder website at Guide Site Builder is also available for purchase and immediate digital delivery via download at Guide Site Builder comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason you should be unsatisfied with your purchase of Guide Site Builder, for any reason, you can request a refund within thirty (60) days of purchase.

The Guide Site Builder team welcomes questions and feedback; to contact the team, please visit