Not really VOIP related, but telephony related..

Found in my backups and put here for historical purposes πŸ™‚

A long time ago I worked at Staples. This was back when I was living in London, Ontario. Anyway, there was this guy that kept coming in and he’d constantly use our public phone to do his business. I’m pretty sure it was some shady business too, he would speak to his prospects and talk about meeting them on street corners and down alleys in the city. It wasn’t uncommon for this guy to come in and sit there for a couple hours and talk on the phone, lay out his little portfolio, and get his notepad, calculator and pen out and start making calls. Even after repeated attempts to get him to leave he still would come back. So, I decided to teach him a lesson..

So, I built an inline switch that I could use to turn the phone on and off when people were using it. I let the store general manager know of my plans, he was a cool guy and went along with many of my schemes. My direct manager not so much, so he didn’t know until well after the fact. I never updated the original story, but he did eventually stop coming after repeated phone hangups.. He even complained about our telephone line, which we told him was supposed to get repaired. h3h.

Here is my original post from 3 or 4 years ago and the pictures go go along with it..