Hold music

Annie Lennox: Waiting in Vain
Eurythmics: When Tomorrow Comes
Moody Blues: Go Now
PSB: Saturday Night Forever
Pink Floyd: Time
Tom Robinson: The Frozen Man
Eurythmics: Forever
Rolling Stones: Time Is On My Side
Tommy Tutone – 867 5309
Kim Wilde – 36580
Blondie: Hanging on the Telephone
ELO: Telephone Line
Empire Records – Money (that’s what I want)
Pink Floyd: Money
Blondie: Call Me
ELO: Ma Ma Ma Belle
Lesley Gore: Sunshine and Lollipops

And as background on the voice menus:

Backman-Turner Overdrive: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Queen: I Want to Break Free
Divine Comedy: The Certainty of Chance
B-52’s: 6068-842
Tom Robinson: 2-4-6-8 Motorway
Queen: I’m going Slightly Mad

Background for annoucements of queue position:

Eurythmics: Would I Lie To You?
Tom Lehrer: New Math