Pizza Dough Recipe

Note, you can just use regular AP or Bread Flour, but it’s better with this combination mentioned below. This assumes you have a stand-mixer. If you’re doing it by hand you’re on your own here buddy.

Note, this ain’t gluten friendly!

First do this. Combine these ingredients in your mixing bowl.

  • 2.5 Cups Hot Water
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • 3 TSP Instant Yeast

Let that sit for approximately 5 minutes, then add in

  • 1/4 Cup Olive (OR, Vegetable) Oil

Now we want to mix up our flour. Get a big-ass bowl, and add this to it.

  • 2 Cups Pizza Di Dolograno Flour (00 Flour)
  • 1/3rd Cup VWG (Vital Wheet Gluten)
  • 3 Cups Bread Flour
  • 2/3 Cup AP Flour
  • 2 TSP Salt

Mix the flour and salt together with a fork until well combined.

Now you want to turn on your mixer, with the dough attachment on a medium speed and start combining the flour to the yeast mixture 1/2 cup at a time. This is going to take a while, You want the dough to be sticky, but not too sticky by the end of it and that the flour is mixed in well. I use a spatula thing for decorating cakes to push any remaining flour down and into the mixture so there’s no ‘floury’ surprises later on.

Once everything has been combined, put some olive oil into the bowl and then put all your dough in the bowl. Cover with a warm wet towel or plastic wrap and let it rise for approximately 70 minutes.

While the dough is rising, prepare your ingredients. Our favourites around here are;

  • Hot Banana Peppers
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Pepperoni
  • Black Olives
  • Onion

You’re going to want to go turn your BBQ on now. We have a 3 burner and we put them all on high for about 30 minutes (the time it takes to get your ingredients together, and, clean up the kitchen after everything).

Next, For the sauce, we go with canned shit from the grocery store - we’ve tried making our own and it’s just not worth it in our experience if you value your time.

Then For cheese, we use a mix of shitty cheese and fancy cheese - meaning a package of the 8$ stuff, and a package of the 20$ stuff. Mix it all together after shredding. This provides the best consistency, taste, and browning of the cheese like you want it.

Now that it’s been about 70 minutes, you can go ahead and break your dough up into pizza size portions, we usually make either 3 Large pizzas, or 5-6 Smaller pizzas out of this amount of dough.

We put the dough on parchment paper so it’s easy to slide off the pizza spatula onto the pizza stone.

Once a pizza is made, we put it on the pizza stone, close the BBQ and let it sit for about 2 minutes. This is usually long enough to get the parchment out without it burning, and the pizza being solid enough to slide right off. You can use tongs if you’re a wimp, but we just use our fingers to remove it.

Then about 5-10 minutes later your pizza should be cooked. We check it a couple times to see where it’s at for the cheese consistency we want, and dough cooking level.

That’s really it, you can make some bomb ass pizza at home for super cheap if you have the ingredients, and it’s fun to do with friends / partners too!

Don’t forget to turn your propane off and clean all your dishes!