We found this interesting service the other day called LoveDetect. We’re not sure how much you phone geeks will care about it, but it’s built upon technology we love – and provides a kind of cool service ontop of that, if nothing to ooh and ahh over the technology and speech recognition.

Before you ask, we’ve already made some enquiries into the LoveDetect marketing department to see if this service is using Asterisk PBX or not, but we haven’t received confirmation on this, so for now we’re going with “unsure” 🙂

*UPDATE* – received this from the marketing department, looks like it is using Asterisk PBX – “I know that we are using Asterisk but I’m not sure to what extent. I don’t think the Voice Analysis software is something that is integrated directly with Asterisk so there must be other software components as well.”

LoveDetect is a pretty interesting service though. We tested it out earlier this afternoon. The novelty may wear off after a little while unless you’re a pimp mack daddy and have multiple women (or men, we don’t discriminate) that may be potential love interests but who knows. We were also able to think of at least one other use for this service, but we’re sure there’s more if some brains are really put to the task.

Anyway, what this LoveDetect service is, is basically a voice recognition love analysis machine. Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. Jimmy Loves Sara
  2. Jimmy Calls LoveDetect and Enters his PIN number
  3. Jimmy Enters Sara’s Phone Number, and Lets the LoveDetect system know to send his Originating CID to Sara
  4. The LoveDetect System Calls Sara
  5. Jimmy and Sara enter a regular conversation, the weather, sports, whatever for at least 2 minutes
  6. All the while Jimmy hears voice indications as to Sara’s feelings towards him. She does not hear them.
  7. Following at least 2 minutes of straight conversation, report will be ready and announced to Jimmy.
  8. Jimmy waits for Sara to Hang up
  9. Jimmy then either listens to the LoveDetect report over the phone

That’s about all there is to the LoveDetect service. Give it a shot. We tested it with our significant others, so it may have skewed our results. If you have a new flame in your life maybe this will help you find out if they’ll light your candle.