well, not that i’m straying or anything. I went a little wild tonight (usually i’m perfectly calm when renting movies), but all the new releases got the best of me.

So, tonight I have the following movies to watch, reviews will come after I watch them of course.

  1. Grizzly Man
  2. The Aristocrats
  3. The Constant Gardner
  4. Lord of War
  5. Palindromes (just so you know Todd Solondz owns)
  6. ThumbSucker

thats it for now.. updates coming soon 🙂


Lord of War: I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was pretty good, but never summed up a few things (did he contract aids?).. the imagery was pretty damn cool, could have had a few more action scenes though.. rent it don’t buy it..

Aristocrats: 4.7 out of 5. Hahahaha. This movie was great. I had heard this joke and a few of it’s iterations before, but I never knew how far it really goes, and how far back it goes in comedy history. Pollack’s impression of christopher walken is top notch too! hahaha. seriously, if you like comedy, and like to learn about history at the same time definatly check this one out!

Grizzly Man: 4.5 out of 5.What an incredible movie. I mean, sure this guy was a little eccentric (okay, maybe a lot eccentric). But you have to give him props for actually standing up to “the man” and doing what he believes. I think that’s what werner was trying to portray in this movie. As stupid as this guy was for hanging out with bears all damn day, he was still extraordinary for actually following his dreams and making them happen. This movie was absolutely beautiful, from the vast landscapes of Alaskan tundra and mountains to the close up shots of him playing with his pet foxes and bears. Way cool stuff. Anyway, If you have any semblence of what living is really all about, i’d recommend you watch this movie ASAP.