Even though I have asterisk blocking telemarketers to voicemail hell, I figure this is still of significance for our readers. This new service launched by Micheal Geist.. Here’s a description he wrote about his new creation..

Regular readers of my work will know that I have been frustrated by Canada’s do-not-call list, which contains far too many exceptions and has taken an embarrassingly long time to become operational. In response, today I am launching iOptOut, a website that will allow Canadians to opt-out of further phone calls (and emails) from dozens of organizations with a single click.

I began to develop the site soon after the do-not-call bill became law. The premise is simple – under the law, exempted organizations (which include charities, political parties, polling companies, newspapers, and companies with a prior business relationship) are permitted to make unsolicited telephone calls despite the inclusion of a number in the do-not-call registry. However, organizations must remove numbers from their lists if specifically requested to do so.

Check out the site Here : iOptOut