just putting it on here for archival purposes:

DTMF0 - High pitched, medium length tone – annoying
DTMF1 - louder sounding european style ring
DTMF2 - softer sounding european style ring
DTMF3 - Long ring followed by shorter ring, soft sounding
DTMF4 - very short spaced medium pitched tone – annoying
DTMF5 - Two short pulse european ring sound
DTMF6 - Continuous Medium Pulse Ring – Annoying
DTMF7 - Higher Pitched two short pulses with longer spacing – not too bad
DTMF8 - Two short high pitched pulses, with long spacing – not that bad but not that good
DTMF9 - Very Long High Pitched Tone – Similar to ‘PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING type of noise’ – very annoying
NOT DISTURB - no ring at all heard – works as intended – unless one can hear the sound of the LCD flicking
PCMRING - recorded sound of a quick succession 4 ring tone – okay i guess
USER DEFINE - ‘Click!’ noise heard – not working with PA-168S afaik.