Just so you, my avid readers aren’t left in the dark I thought I would do a little post outlining what I’ve been up to lately.

So, here goes.

I’ve been setting up a new campaign to test out in a different niche then last time. [ADHD] Speaking of niche, we were always told its knee-sh, not nitch… which is it? [/ADHD]. This time I’m running it a little differently than last time, and arguably with less work. So, let’s dissect what this one is all about aight?

Only trying one traffic source this time instead of two.

I’m not running banner ads and text ads this time. Just text ads.

I also ensured the content network was turned off from the get go on this one, instead of needlessly getting clicks from here when I wasn’t intending to test it. This is a big thing I learned from the last test.

I am running two landing pages. One with only one offer and another with two offers running side by side. The landing pages used this time are drastically different both in tone, intended reader profile and products. Keep in mind this is in the same niche, I’m just marketing differently between both niches.

Instead of writing my own copy this time, I opted to invest $40 USD in order to get a professional copywriter to re-write the copy that I had already written. He did a great job and went over all of it with a fine tooth comb while I spent my time designing. While I do think my copy is pretty rad, sometimes it’s worth it to get a professional to look yours over and provide editing services. This is what I did, and not too much was changed. However, some pretty important things were pointed out to me and modified by the writer I found on the gay webmaster forums. Even with the expense of the copy, if it leads to one sale it’s paid for itself so in my opinion this was well worth it.

This time, I also loaded in 690 keywords, instead of my measly 25-50 that I used last time. I figure this will dramatically increase data that I receive on long tails and other weird things people are searching for.

Another thing I did differently this time around was instead of only 5 ads, mainly directed at people in the “buying” frame of mind I created 12 ads of varying consumer mindsets. I feel this will give me a broader test to go with compared to last time and will give me more opportunity to lessen the CPC on this one and find converting long tail keywords.

I’m also limiting my budget significantly (50%) compared to last time. I lost too much money on my test last time with absolutely no converts so I want to spend less, and aim for more data retrieval and testing on this campaign.

So, that’s pretty much what’s been going on and of course, if I don’t end up making a googol with this campaign I’ll be sharing my results with you in a later campaign follow-up.


Comment by Finch on 2009-09-20 12:58:15 -0500

It’s definitely a good idea to make that investment on a professional copywriter if you’re not happy doing it yourself. Good copy is everything for the best conversion rates.

Good luck with your testing…

Comment by Matt Fraser on 2009-09-22 13:56:20 -0500

Good luck bro 🙂