This is mainly for my archival purposes, but maybe it’ll help someone else. I’ve been running a Hackintosh for over a year now, and I refer to this often when fixing things after an update. Seems to be cool with Mavericks, Yosemite, and now Sierra 🙂

fix for kernel panic on reboot w/ clover – default was intel=true, nvidia=false:

You don’t have InjectNVidia =true and Intel=false on you config.plist (??? and removenvda_drv=1. )

When using web drivers you should also have the nvda_drv=1 in your boot flags. I didn’t see it there in your config.plist.

to troubleshoot, disable turbo boost—this seems better for me.

cuda instructions:

install yosemite w/ clover tutorial basics:

audio patch:

how to fix the config.plist after patching for sound:

which video drivers are available:

tutorial i followed to get it all going initially:

something else to maybe try?: