So, It appears that I have this nice fancy blog, but I don’t post much to it. I really should get off my ass and post more, I’m very opinionated and always like to shoot the shit about things. Frankly though, I’ve just been way too busy to post much to here besides the odd random comment.

Though I guess I do have some news this week. I’m heading out on friday to see David Sukuzi, and his “If you were Prime Minister” tour. It’s at the museum of civilization over in Hull, PQ. That should be fun. I’ve always wanted to meet David Suzuki, and I think what he does for the planet, and the representation of canadians he instills globally are great things. Myself, my girlfriend, and my buddy Brian and his girlfriend will be attending, so it should be pretty fun. Hopefully I get to meet him and shake hands. That’d be cool.

Yeah, so not much else to update on right now, but I will have some more pictures after this weekend up at the cottage if the weather stays as nice as it is. Yay for summer returning and going up to the cottage every weekend.

Oh, and T-Minus 73 days Until we go to Brazil. Boy am I ever excited!