Enable SNMP on your Cisco Routers to watch SIP and other traffic

It’s pretty easy, just ssh (or telnet if you’re crazy) to your router and do this: # en # conf t # snmp-server community YOUR.SNMP.COMMUNITY ro # access-list 60 permit IP.OF.SNMP.DAEMON # snmp-server host IP.OF.SNMP.DAEMON YOUR.SNMP.COMMUNITY # snmp-server enable traps Now your favourite graphing software should be able to collect all the data you need.

October 28, 2008 · 1 min · 55 words · Matt G

Asterisk SNMP with Cacti Howto upgraded for Asterisk 1.6 and Ubuntu!

Here’s an update to our popular article Asterisk 1.4 with SNMP and Cacti using a remote box. This howto will be a little different in that it will be using Asterisk 1.6, the latest in the pipeline for Opensource PBX solutions from Digium. This process should be a little easier than it was last time, however will sacrifice a little bit of the “cool factor” (ie: security, etc) because it will be running local to Asterisk....

October 28, 2008 · 14 min · 2804 words · Matt G

Monitoring Asterisk 1.4 with SNMP and CACTI for pretty graphs!

This, wasn’t too easy to actually get going. Though I don’t have very much experience with SNMP, which may have been part of my problems. The whole SNMP / RES_SNMP with Asterisk is all very beta too from what I’ve been reading, and since the only other document really that I can find on setting this up, is by Mark Spencer himself, I hope this might help some other users out there too....

April 16, 2007 · 21 min · 4391 words · Matt G