Found this wicked company today selling tasers for toddlers.

Yup, you read that correctly, the whole purpose of the product is to shoot electrified darts of metal into your kids incase they misbehave. Fuck sending them to their room, sit in a corner or spanking them. Fucking TASE THEM!.

These fancy taselers will shoot 6 barbed spikes (that are easily removed) so you can keep your kids in line. Funny that this was invented by a Russian guy. No need for a “In Soviet Russia” jokes cause I’m sure you can make your own up. Leave them in the comments if they’re good.

Here’s a couple screenshots from their website. Detailing the amazing offer and what you’ll get to aide in tasing your children. It’s really amazing what people will buy.

Note we don’t actually endorse tasing your kids, that’s probably wrong on a few levels. However, we do think this would be a great party toy for fucking with your friends without fear of killing them, or, at less fear anyway. Drunken electrocutions are always fun eh?