Got this email today from a company that is introducing a new product to help with the analytics portion of OpenX. I know a lot of us use OpenX before moving on to one of the paid ad managers, so I thought this would be kind of relevant to a lot of us. This application, that appears to be free (for now) with forthcoming paid extensions. Doesn’t work with the hosted version of OpenX – only the enterprise and self-hosted version (who doesn’t self-host anyway..) so that’s something to look out for if you’re using the hosted version of OpenX. Other than that, seems like a pretty decent looking and feature-rich new application.

No. I wasn’t paid for this post, just got this random email from them explaining their product and to check it out – probably because OpenX has my email address or because I’m on their consultancy list with one of my other companies.

I thought I’d contact you to introduce you to Adtelligence, a new analytics application which will change the way agencies, ad networks and publishers will monitor the performance of campaigns, and report information to their advertisers, and help you reinforce the value of OpenX to your clients.

Adtelligence sits on top of OpenX (*) and offers a level of intuitiveness, customization and convenience that are unknown in ad serving and campaign reporting… and at no cost for the product currently online.

(*) Adtelligence is however compatible with the OpenX Community Download and OpenX Enterprise only. We’re not able to accommodate users of the OpenX Community Hosted product.

At a later stage, Adtelligence will also deliver inventory optimization and yield management capabilities, helping your clients and any media agencies, large publishers and ad networks make the right decisions regarding the management of their advertising inventory. Since we’re planning to charge these future applications, we will want to discuss with you at that point a model that will let you benefit financially from the commercialization of these applications to your clients.

We’d love to get your views on Adtelligence, and would therefore recommend you take a look at the product demo at Also feel free to start using the product with your clients, if you think the product is right for them.

Thank you for helping us gain visibility with your clients and future OpenX users. We’d be happy to speak with you over the phone, in the event you’d like to know more about our project and company.

If I remember I’ll post an update after I check it out and what my thoughts are on it.

ASW Post is still severely late, but it’s coming I swear.