Not that this is VOIP related, it is related to our field I think. I myself am one of the people who tend to stay up all night and sleep during the day. Well, at least I used to until I went out on my own to field work. Most people are day-walkers so I’ve had to adjust my schedule somewhat to accommodate. Which is all well and good for getting normal daytime things done, but I still need some nights to “stay up late and ponder things and hack”. Simply said, I get things done better, quicker and smarter at late hours. I seem to fall into the category of the people interviewed for this study. Could this be a little bit of scientific proof as to why I usually come up with better and cooler ideas later at night than during the day? I can remember being like this since I was a young child and staying up late at night to do homework (read: screw around with things other than homework).. It’s nice to see studies like this that back up my claim when people question my motives. Score one for the italian scientists! 🙂