wayyy back in the day we wrote an article about ringtones for polycom ip500/ip600 phones, which apparently is still quite popular on the internet.

We received this from one of our readers today, as an addition to the previous article. Thanks Chris!

I found your blog post on Polycom compatible ringtones recently. It is one of the top results when searching for such information.

I would like to share with you and your readers a classic old ringtone I sampled from one of our company’s old AT&T MLS-12 phones. I would have post a comment, but I could not find how to.

The file has been tested and is Polycom compatible, having been built according to the specifications you provided.

Thanks, Chris Olson

You can download the updated ringtone by following this link to the downloadable ringtone


Comment by Corey on 2008-08-12 16:55:45 -0500

I did the install and it worked for half of the ringers, but the other half aren’t being recognized. Any tips on this?

Thanks again for an awesome tutorial