Okay. Something totally blew my mind tonight for coming up with new ideas.

This morning, after working on the new campaign I’m launching I took a break for about .. oh 3 hours, and just did procrastination shit like catching up on emails, working on some beats in ableton live, doing some client work, and catching up on rss. I was reading this design blog and he had a link off to this place that has free databases, that you can download. What?. Yup. Free CSV databases of all sorts of things.

Hiking Trails, Restaurants in California, Beer Comparisons, Etc.

It’s called Factual.

I got a database as a test of those restaurants in california, and it was 54k rows, and 20 megabyte download. Niche stuff, free, constantly updated, and already formatted for you.

Who knew!

On another note, I also found this cool site for a bunch of free photoshop or illustrator logos on it. I’ve seen most of these before, or very similar ones, but they are good as samples to go from or to modify into your creations.

While not directly affiliated marketing related, these types of tools are great for any web entrepreneur to have in his or her toolbox.

I’m sure this is “teh old” to some, but it was pretty cool of a find to me.


Comment by AffPortal on 2009-11-04 01:54:25 -0500

Hey, they are good finds. I’m digging the photoshop logo templates.

Comment by PPCpimps on 2009-11-07 01:19:22 -0500

thanks for the database hook up. great tool.