If you’re a long time follower, you probably remember my review of WFReview on my old site, Optimizing Advertising. I’ve since got rid of that god awful domain and have moved on to this wicked cool one. I’ve been using WFReview since pretty much the minute it came out. I’m running a bunch of local directory sites using it, and while I haven’t seen a million dollars in profit yet, I’ve been steadily ranking higher and higher for my niches and getting lots of legit comments to the sites and traffic is steadily increasing.

All of this from installing a simple plugin, that really, besides finding CSV lists of stores or businesses to import took all of 1 hour to launch each site, and then “set it and forget it”. Can’t really get much better than that kids, even if you’re a complete newb and don’t even know how to setup WordPress, you can probably get this plugin to work for you with minimal time investment.

As you probably know, WFReview saw great success and was even sold to another owner. All was quiet for a few months until it was bought back by the original owners and most of the bugs that we reported were fixed. The last update was amazing, Google maps support is a wonderful thing for these types of sites and we’re really happy they listened to all of us users and our desire for that feature.

With this latest upgrade, now many of the bugs you were seeing with WordPress 2.8 are fixed, and the rating system itself has gone through a number of changes ensuring maximum compatibility with your custom review themes for WordPress.

If you’re planning on setting up a review site for pretty much anything you can dream of – organic coffees, wallets, whatever – the WordPress Review Plugin is all you need to get your site up and running in only a few minutes, then just sit back and start your next site. Another great thing is the license is unlimited so you can setup 100 sites off the same license. Pretty great if you ask us in this day and age of products tied to one domain only.

Check out WFReview here and buy your own copy and start banking!


Comment by Clarke on 2009-11-28 16:46:55 -0500

I agree as I bought it back when it first came out as well. So far I’ve used it mostly for building out some nice datafeed sites via the CSV import. I’ve got some local directories in the works though and I look forward to launching those soon.

Overall it’s a great plugin and you can beat it for the price it’s going for!