Sorry about dissin you guys and not writing anything for a wee while. I’ve been away. Well not really away. I’ve actually just been working like a dog. You see, my father just bought a new building for his business and I’ve been helping out with that, which has added a little bit to my schedule. I’m also doing some contract work for a number of people so I’ve been really busy with that, need to pay the bills and all. Most special to note is that I’ve had a bit of time to work on one of the new business ventures a couple friends are getting into. I can’t mention much about it right now, but I promise it will be big. I can’t wait to get this all off the ground and get some passive income streams to occur. I know it is possible, and with this wealth of knowledge that is the internet at our fingertips I think we can pretty much accomplish anything.

Yeah, so that sounds like some sorta motivational speech or something, but it’s true. Aim high and you will succeed.