If you’re like me and have Apache (or, possibly Nginx) running with PHP5-FPM and Woocommerce you might want to go a step beyond and setup W3 Cache as well.

This is great, but up until now there’s been some issues with it which seem to have all been fixed, but I’m putting it in here so I can refer to it later and who knows it may help someone else since these were buried in various forums 🙂

First, setup everything, then install w3 cache.

In the database settings you’ll want to make sure;


Is in the database stem exclusion listing on the configuration page.

Then make sure you’re disabling the cart, and checkout on the page cache page by entering the following on the exclude stems list (this may not be required, but it can’t hurt now can it)


Then, finally go to the minify settings screen and make sure you have

mfunc to the Ignored comment stems option in the settings.

There you have it, w3 cache should be working great and now you can check your speed.