While we love the guys over at Yieldbuild, and we love the idea behind their software we’re just not sure all the bugs or worked out, or it’s completely possible that the site we’re trying it has far too low traffic to make a difference. We had decided to run a test with YieldBuild for 30 days vs regular adsense. Here’s what we came out with:

Nov 15 – Dec 15 Adsense Only

  • $82.61

Dec 16 – Jan 16 YieldBuild + Adsense

  • $44.57

So, as you can see, the income did reduce by about half. However, with Yieldbuild while we’re seeing a much lower click volume, they are worth much more (for example, one click was $6.85). I’m sure if we had a lot more visitors that Yieldbuild would gain much better results on the whole, but because we’re not seeing huge numbers their algo isn’t positive what is best for us, and where to display it.

For now we’re gonna leave it off, and work on getting more uniques before turning it back on again.